Rutendo Urenje


Rutendo is Managing Editor of African Peace Journal and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

She is originally from Harare, Zimbabwe and is recently completed a Masters degree in International Human Rights Law at Lund University, Sweden.

Prior to this, Rutendo spent five years at Rhodes University, South Africa, studying for a Social Sciences and a Law degree. During her studies she worked for the Rhodes University’s Community Engagement office as a student liaison officer.

In her own words:

I earnestly have a passion to serve people, especially children who may not have developed the capacities to help themselves.”

In Sweden, she actively volunteered at Save the Children Gotland and Save the Children Lund and was a project leader for the Kids in Transit Project in Lund. She is fluent in both English and Shona and has a working knowledge of French, Afrikaans and Ndebele.


Refugees in South Sudan where Rutendo conducted field research

To read Rutendo’s blog on Rutendo’s Corner at the African Peace Journal, kindly click here.

Here is an excerpt from Rutendo’s Corner:

There is a socio-economic crisis in Africa.

Whether it is war or climate change or whatever else that causes people to flee their homeland, this crisis persists. Socio-economic factors are primary, but of course are also garnished by other factors. This then makes development the answer. We must be careful however not to ascribe our ideologies to what development may mean to persons in different contexts.

Development should not carry with it superimposed Westernized ideas but should simply be flexible enough to fit into the local context and work.


Following the initiative by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, a World Humanitarian Summit will be held in Istanbul in May, 2016 to propose solutions to the humanitarian crisis our world is facing. In line with this initiative African Peace Journal will focus on one of the core themes:

“Reducing Vulnerability and Managing Risk’.

The choice to zero in upon this one theme for the year, stems from identifying a theme that is motivated toward giving more substance to the one thing that the African Peace Journal can do very well: Taking cognizance of the fact that migration will always happen and that it is common but also that, over the years, it has become more dangerous and is caused by many man-made disasters that could have been effectively managed and perhaps even totally avoided.