Purity Kagwiria


Purity is based in Nairobi, Kenya and is the Executive Director of Akili Dada.

A journalist by profession, Purity has worked on the rights of women since 2004.

As an active member of the feminist/women rights movement, she is committed to analyzing the private and personal spaces and developing strategies that lead to the emancipation of women.

Founded in 2005 to address the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions in Africa, Akili Dada is an international organization based in Nairobi and officially registered as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kenya.


The organization focuses their programs around scholars and building networks with other women’s rights organizations both in Kenya and across Africa.

Akili Dada, envisions a world where empowered African women from diverse economic backgrounds are equally represented in leadership roles and decision-making processes in Kenya and across the continent.